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The Vision

The cryptic, fluid and fragmented structure of everyday life requires certain ambiguous descriptions, instructions and standards. Definitions of ambiguous standards are made using ingredients, spatial data, anatomic references, thus ‘loaded’ categories. Given standards enounce proximity not certainty related to the dimensions of the notions they signify. Most of them are qualitative instead of quantitative, thus difficult to investigate solely through physico-mathematical methods and analysis.


Ambiguous Standards Institute traces the roots of ambiguous standards in a given context. It aims for the accumulation information and the local, national and global dissemination of thereof. The institute pursues a delicate investigation of textual and visual representations of various exo-standard measurements and takes them into the record: Some of these standards refer to physico-social, and some to physico-mathematical practices. Some are ambiguous by nature, some are absolute by self-proclamation, meaning that they are defined by the social and cultural environment they are situated in. Some are frequently used, and some are long out of circulation. Compilation of information will be distributed the mission through various channels of mass media.

The Mission

The Institute authenticates, archives and registers the ambiguities; however, adopting a role as an educational platform, it equally places an emphasis on the recruitment and placement processes of new institutians, thus it aims to register uncharted standards to their greatest extent possible. The main purpose of this institute is not to absolutize ambiguities. Benefitting from the previous institutional and intellectual accumulation of knowledge by social institutions of research, the institute aims to portray a conversion table in written and illustrated formats. Through the acquisition of everyday objects, institute collects and archives the fragments from our material culture and registers them according to their discursive potentials of setting/validating the ambiguous standards.

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