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The Station

Istanbul branch is compiled of 18 critical crates and additional ones for setting the stations. All exhibition material has been designed as a pack of easily transportable cabin size crates. Cabin sizes of each crate refers ambiguously defined standards of the airline companies, dimensions change from 45x35x20 to 56x45x25 cm. When a branch is being installed, these crates are taken to their respective places and set up. As long as the branch is open, crates are open for inspection and debate. Also, visual and audial stations enable visitors to browse through the institutional content as well as record their own. When the branch closes down, all the material could be transported as a whole or piece by piece by an institutian, thus the research and exhibition can pop-up even in remote locations and the discussions can spread out. The institute at Pera Museum is a research base and a hotspot for meeting and discussing, it also works as a recruitment office.

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