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"… design should pay renewed attention to human values like poetry, knowledge, culture, but also to our basic needs in relation to contemporary challenges, like housing, mobility, clothes, food and water. Design can bring about new visions and alternative solutions for our everyday life, simultaneously allowing crossover collaborations for the production of knowledge that can be shared. From this perspective, the designer is no longer an all-powerful creator, but a part of a network or community of society and form. In other words: not the world of design, but the design of the world should be at stake, an enterprise that starts at the core of everyday life." 

Boelen, Testing the Everyday.

‘One white plastic milk frother, with extendable handle; two metal whisks; one cheese grater; one slotted spoon; one ladle; one oval double-handled polished metal serving bowl with fitted top; one stainless steel mixing bowl; one metal sieve with handle; one clear plastic cake form; one wooden masher; one pair of scissors with red plastic handle; one plastic measuring cup with red plastic top; one saltshaker; two rectangular plastic storage jars, clear with white tops for airtight closure; one electric meat grinder; one plastic funnel; one metal frying pan, with black plastic handle.’

Contents of one of the Werkbund box.

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