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#02. Ambiguous Standards of Food: Eggs

The food industry has developed all number of metrics to classify and value different food according to shape, size, weight, colour and firmness, and developed packaging, transportation and consumption criteria accordingly. A range of different birds’ eggs demonstrates the variability of nature’s standards in comparison to the complex industry matrix of chicken eggs, which includes sizes ranging from very small ‘fart’ eggs to extra-large, colours from light to dark red to chocolate, and even the number of yolks.


photo: Kayhan Kuygusuz

Definition: This crate investigates the standardization systems of food industry placed against the non-uniform character of the foods themselves. The industry classifies and values food according to its packaging, transportation and consumption criteria. Non-standard sizes are left out of the system.

Ingredients: This crate contains eggs of different sizes and of different birds: Chicken (hen), duck, goose, guinea fowl, ostrich, partridge, pheasant, pigeon, quail, turkey. For inspection, comparison and demonstration, under each egg there will be an aluminium egg holder -produced with metal spinning- respective to the size of its complementary egg as well as a caliper, magnifying glass and a kitchen scale.

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