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#06. Ambiguous Standards of Experience: Duration

The diverse collection of objects and animated LED screen demonstrate that time can be measured and fragmented with precision and exactitude or be manifested through relational perception and cultural connotations. The ambiguous fragments of time, that cannot be physically encapsulated, are represented on the LED screen and include the blink of an eye and the 'üç vakit' phrase used in fortune telling, which can correspond to hours, days, weeks or months.


photo: Kayhan Kuygusuz

Definition: Objects produced and acquired to investigate the ambiguous nature of time and is perceptive relativity. This crate contains objects which measure or indicate time. Some of these objects work in minute and precise ways, others are culturally/socially bounded, imprecise and ambiguous. In the middle of all these objects, there is a LED screen / wind-up timer / multi-handed clock which shows the ambiguous standards of duration previously categorized and catalogued by ASI.




Car parking timer disc

Birth control pill disc

Army discharge counter

Azan alarm clock


1 hour timer


Service bell

Chess clock

Egg timer

Pasta timer


Countdown clock


Candle clock

Pill timer

Time zone clock

Plug timer

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